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Central Catholic School, a Notre Dame ACE Academy, works with every family to make Catholic education possible for all through various forms of financial assistance. Students who qualify for the free or reduced school lunch program may automatically qualify for scholarships to attend Central Catholic School.

Financial aid comes from a variety of sources including state education vouchers and archdiocesan financial aid. Information on the eligibility requirements of the state education vouchers can be found via the Department of Education’s website.

Questions about tuition and the scholarship application process? Contact the school office at 317-783-7759.

Available Scholarships:

  • Indiana School Choice Vouchers

    Indiana School Choice Vouchers

    A Voucher is a state-funded scholarship that helps cover the cost of tuition at a private school. Qualifying students in grades K-8 can receive up to 90% of the local per-student state funding amount based on their school district. For more information on Indiana Choice Vouchers, contact Robert Kitchens in the school office.

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  • Indiana Tax Credit Scholarships

    Indiana Tax Credit Scholarships

    The Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program provides scholarship support to families who want to enroll their children in the private school of their choice. Qualifying students in grades K-12 can receive a minimum of a $500 Tax Credit Scholarship.

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  • On My Way Pre-K

    On My Way Pre-K

    On My Way Pre-K awards grants to 3- and 4-year-olds from low-income families so that they may have access to a high-quality pre-K program the year before they begin kindergarten. Families who receive a grant may use the grant at any approved On My Way Pre-K program.

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  • SMART Financial Aid

    SMART Financial Aid

    Families who do not receive voucher support should complete a SMART Financial Aid application. The application is entirely online this year and all documentation should be submitted online as well. This is REQUIRED to receive financial assistance from the Archdiocese.

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